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Passion, commitment and innovation to achieve excellence.

The only company that produces Automotive, Motive power and Stationary batteries in the same manufacturing plant, in less than twentyfive years it has become one of the leading companies in Europe and its products are sold worldwide.
The results obtained are the fruit of the effort that each department, each office has put into improving the products and the quality of service and to seek out new solutions, but it is also thanks to the trust that our customers and partners have placed in the company that we have reached certain technological goals and peaks in our turnover. The challenges we pose ourselves in the future are to further bind our production to matching performance with the environment, constructional quality with an optimized production chain, opening to foreign markets while strengthening our Italian identity, because it is only through technological research, care for our products and by exploiting the worth of our HR, that Midac can succeed in attaining new targets.

Midac has lab tests carried out on the raw materials (physical and chemical tests) and on the finished product (mechanical, functional and electrical tests) to guarantee the utmost reliability of its production. To give an example, our standards of quality and endurance and safety tests for the Automotive sector, such as the Roll-Over Test, comply with the stringent specifications of the primary global automobile Companies. The company relies heavily on research veered toward accumulating and exploiting energy to manufacture innovative batteries intended for diverse and emerging markets (telecommunications, renewable energy sources, emergency systems, boating and other special usage), capable of competing and being up to par with the competition of large international manufacturers.

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Midac in the world

Global Expansion

Midac, the only company that produces Automotive, Motive power and Stationary batteries in the same manufacturing plant, has become one of the leading companies in Europe and its products are sold worldwide.

The strong international expansion of the Italian company is evidenced by the 6 foreign branches, with which Midac is present in France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia and United Kingdom.

The key to the success of Midac is definitely the continuous technological research aimed at producing increasingly innovative and high performance batteries, which allows the company to compete in the market with superior quality products.

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Midac in the World


"If we look back and think about why, it seems rather now insignificant compared to the result. In 1989 the reason was the enthusiasm that has always driven our work and the desire to grow and diversify, taking advantage of that knowledge and the entrepreneurial spirit that we had gained in the first thirty years of the Mastrotto Group.
The result, however, was bigger than we had imagined at the time. We have always known that nothing is improvised. And so we began with our feet on the ground, focusing everything on the technical and cultural background of those who could make a difference in the battery market, sure that knowledge, desire and the corporate vision could truly provide significant results. And so, what was at first a conscious and deliberate investment, has become a passion that has grown over the years, together with the number of employees, square footage of the buildings, investments in machinery, annual turnover and the arrival of our batteries in new markets.
A passion that for over twenty years has had one name: Mastrotto Industrie Divisione Accumulatori (Mastrotto Industries Battery Division), or MIDAC."
Santo e Bruno Mastrotto

"You can't just throw together a group of men and expect to get an efficient organization. It would be like placing a man, a woman and some children in a house and expecting the result to be a happy family. Midac is both an efficient organisation and a happy family".
Eros Franzoso

"Many of us dedicate a large part of our lives to our professional careers, so I think it's essential to feel free to be able to express what you think in your job with a constructive attitude, without worrying about the consequences of defending your ideas, which are sometimes different in terms of opinion or vision. Midac deserves praise for offering this opportunity and I am grateful that it does".
Marco Noli

"I'm from the Ivory Coast. I've been working for Midac since 1996. I've always had a good working relationship with my bosses and workmates. I've acquired considerable work experience thanks to everyone's input. I'd like to thank the Midac management team for always supporting me, even in difficult moments. All the best for a successful future".
Goutto Okou Zephirin


Midac bases its company philosophy on:
• ongoing technological innovation aimed at improving the use of energy
• product quality achieved through rigorous controls and by using selected materials and components
• lorganizational efficiency achieved through solid teamwork, coupled with a high level of skill and manufacturing flexibility
• environmental conscientiousness by lowering impact on the environment through constant material recycling that is respectful of nature

Social responsibility

Midac Spa views compliance with requirements posed by social responsibility as being one of the key factors to the success of its business. Starting with respect for the environment and health and safety in the workplace, Midac Spa wants to make all the cardinal principles established by standard SA8000 for the protection and care of the worker its very own. Moreover, one of Midac's goals is to further define a social status founded on objective data, to represent proof both within and without the company of its commitment to the ethical aspect of the company's activities, which is to serve internally as an incentive to pursuing the improvement of the conditions all its workers are made to work in.

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Organization and management model pursuant to legislative decree 231/2001

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("English" section)

Midac S.p.A. board of directors approved and adopted the Organization management and control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree. n. 231/2001 (concerning “administrative responsibility” of legal entities, below, hereinafter “Compliance Program” or “Program”).
The adoption of the Program allows the company, in compliance with the provisions of law, to strengthen its internal control system (inspired by principles of fairness and transparency) and to protect itself, in case “relevant” crimes subject to the application of the previsions in Legislative Decree 231/01 are committed.
The model consists of three parts: A) General Part; B) Code of Ethics (and behavior); C) Special Section (concerning “relevant” crimes subject to the application of Legislative Decree 231/01).
The Program explicitly refers to the Code of Ethics of Midac S.p.A. which identifies the reference corporate values, highlighting the rights, duties and responsibilities of all who, on whatever basis, operate within the company or cooperate with it.

The adoption of the Program involved the appointment of a Supervisory Board (hereinafter “S.B.”), responsible for supervising the functioning and observance of the Program, as well as its updating, the S.B. is provided with independent powers of initiative and control.

In order to establish an appropriate information flow to the S.B., by transmitting to it all significant information (as indicated in the Program) from any subject, the e-mail address: organismodiviglianza@midacbatteries.com has been set up.
The access to the mentioned account is exclusively reserved to the S.B.and can be used by people who are aware of relevant information, for the purposes above specified, without fear of retaliation. In order to perform its duties the S.B. will handle the received information, in compliance with the legislation on protection of personal data (Legislative Decree n. 196/2003) and with the appropriate level of confidentiality. No reports must be made for the sole purpose of retaliation or emulative (ie. designed to harm third parties).

The following documents are made available:
 - Program - A) General Section (abstract);
 - Program - B) Code of Ethics

Download the Organization and Model document


The Legislative Decree 231/2001 regulates the administrative liability of legal entities such as companies, associations and institutions. In the Italian legislative framework, at first glance, this may seem counterproductive for undetrakings, although undertakings were always charged with a minimum of responsibility due to some behaviors of their employees, but on closer inspection the Legislative Decree 231/2001 presents many positive aspects. Actually, the adoption of a code of ethics is a guarantee of good behavior, loyalty, fairness; the company takes the challenge, it becomes one with its employees.
Apart from the general principles of respect for the law, the Code of Ethics gives prominence to the objectives of sustainable development, including the responsibilities towards the territories in which it operates, the protection of third-generation rights, and the defense and promotion of Human Rights.

Midac S.p.A. code of conduct is an official document wanted and approved by the top management, in which the company declares what its rights, duties and responsibilities towards its employees, suppliers, customers, Public Administration, shareholders, financial markets, etc. are. The purpose is to determine which behaviors are prohibited and which are allowed, discouraging the former and encouraging the latter, regardless of the requirements. The adoption of a code of ethics by Midac S.p.A. wants to draw the attention to the mode of operating as well as to profit, within a framework that combines business quality and integrity.

Download the Corporate Code of Ethics

Lean production

Since 2007 Midac no longer merely stands for quality and product innovation, but also for quality and process innovation.



Midac was among the founders of ECOPOWER, a new lead (Pb) production supply chain qualification and control system.


<strong>Midac In The World.</strong> Our branches.

Midac In The World. Our branches.


Midac for Africa to provide hope. The collaboration with Doctors with Africa CUAMM continues in Tanzania.



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