Making health service available to everyone is a prerogative the recent CUAMM maternity ward in Tosamaganga, Tanzania, successfully provides. The project was carried out with the help of MIDAC. Because our energy comes from the heart..

Since 2012, those benefiting directly from this project are the mothers making use of the maternal health services at the Tosamaganga hospital and the 9,500 peripheral health units in the Districts of Iringa Rural. The communities within the hospital's catchment area benefit indirectly, particularly for maternal and child health protection services: about 52,730 mothers and 10,474 children less than one year of age.

The new maternity ward:
40 beds
2 post-delivery rooms (one for caesarean deliveries)
1 delivery room with 3 beds
1 newborn intensive care area
1 operating room for caesarean sections
1 labour ward with 12 beds
1 doctor's office

The Tosamaganga hospital:
158 beds
170 staff members, with 5 doctors and 106 qualified health professionals

In 2011 the hospital performed:
1,882 total births (1,731 in 2010)
529 caesarean sections (609 in 2010)
1,379 pre and post delivery examinations
15,736 total outpatient visits
2,571 paediatric examinations
6,491 total admissions
1,141 paediatric admissions

The next projects: a photovoltaic system to ensure assistance 24/7
This project calls for the development of new technologies to improve the hospital's energy efficiency and, in particular, the installation of a photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity which will allow it to be self-reliant, especially in emergency situations. According to the project Photovoltaic system for the St Kizito Hospital of Mikumi in Tanzania presented by Doctors with Africa-Cuamm, the current health situation presents numerous problems since the health services that ensure primary care are quite lacking in the Mikumi hospital's service area. The main causes include insufficient financial, material and infrastructural resources available (water and electricity above all), the absence of mechanisms to refer the sick to qualified health structures, the lack of motivation and insufficient skill of the health workers and the scarcity of qualified health personnel. The hardest hit are pregnant women and children, always the most vulnerable categories in the event of inadequate health services. MIDAC continues its support of the operation to ensure its complete fulfilment.

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