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All Midac starter batteries are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality and productive standards. Pb / Ca technology with no maintenance required which distinguishes the product range is used for both European and Asian vehicles, and hybrid and cast grid (SHD) technology is used for batteries mounted on trucks and earth-moving machines, sealed single-cell batteries with lid, batteries with thermo-welded labyrinth and double lid. But a demanding market like the Automotive one expects products that keep up with the latest trends. Midac's response are high-performance batteries, +30% starting current in any condition, and specific products for cars with the Start&Stop device to provide hi-tech assistance to the driver.


After over a year spent on the development and finalization of the Punching Technology System, the introduction of the Power Inside grids has improved the quality and reliability of the whole Midac range. A concrete step towards the development of new batteries that, combined with the new technologies of the automotive world, will make cars more efficient, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Punching Technology System is the first equipment of this kind installed in the world; the combination of high production speed and extreme precision makes it unique in its kind.

Power Inside is a line of new grids featuring a robust design and providing excellent performances.

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