MIDAC SpA., with registered office at Via A. Volta n. 2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy (Company), is committed to respect the confidentiality of the data provided by its users. Users browse the website anonymously, except when the user fills in the forms to request information and thereby sends his/her data.
Our system automatically tracks record of information on log-ons made by users, records that do not identify the visitor personally but that are used for statistical purposes (date and time of the visit, pages viewed, website of origin, search keywords typed in at origin). This information helps us improve the service offered to the user and in no case is associated to other personal data of the browser



The website belonging to MIDAC SpA does not make use of so-called persistent cookies of any kind, nor are IP addresses tracked or similar tracking systems used to permanently track users. The use of session cookies (i.e. temporary ones that expire when the browser ends the session) is strictly functional to improve access to the website and therefore to enable the user to browse website contents with ease.
Our website may include links to other websites that may use tracking systems that are foreign to the website owner.
In compliance with what established by UE Regulations 2016/279 (GDPR), MIDAC SpA with office in Via A. Volta n. 2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy, in its capacity as Processor of the data, informs its users that their personal data, including their e-mail address and fax number provided by filling out the forms available on our website, will be processed for the purposes and at the conditions established hereinafter


Nature of the data processed and purpose for which it is processed

Our company MIDAC SpA, with office in Via A. Volta n. 2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy, will acquire and process only the personal and, if needed, tax pertinent data; in no case will it process data that pursuant to art. 9 GDPR can be defined as special categories of personal data.
The personal data supplied to MIDAC SpA, with office in Via A. Volta n. 2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy will be processed by the Company for the following purposes:
- to respond to specific requests made to MIDAC S.p.A., with office in Via A. Volta no. 2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy, through its website;
- to file the user and send out various newsletters concerning the field of industry in which MIDAC SpA runs its business.
- to send the user marketing, advertising and illustrational information on the products and services provided by the Company.

Mandatory requirement to disclose the data

Users are required to provide their data, in order to allow MIDAC SpA, with office in Via A. Volta n. 2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy, to process the data for the purposes listed above. In fact, refusal to provide one's personal data either in full or in part may result in the Company not being able to process the user's request.

Procedures for the processing of the data

The data are stored in paper files and in electronic databases; the data are processed by using manual, IT, and computerized instruments and by applying procedures that are suitable to ensure their safety and confidentiality, and at any rate in compliance with the minimum safety measures established by law (pursuant to art. 32 GDPR).

Knowledge of the data within the Company

The data may be known to staff of MIDAC SpA and, more specifically, it will be known to employees of the sales, advertising and IT departments

Data communication and disclosure

The data may be communicated by MIDAC SpA to external subjects, among which: external companies assigned by MIDAC SpA to manage marketing.
In no case will the data be disclosed to other subjects/parties

Data Processor

The data processor is MIDAC SpA, with registered office at Via A. Volta n.2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy

Exercising the rights described in artt. 15-22 GDPR

Users are at any time entitled to exercise the rights as per GDPR by making a request sending an e-mail to:
Having acquired the information provided by MIDAC SpA, with registered office at Via A. Volta n. 2, 37038 Soave (VR) Italy, pursuant to article 13 GDPR, the user – confirming to be at least 16 years old - gives her/his consent for the insertion of personal data in the electronic archive for the purposes of the newsletter (or other service or request) and the consequent processing of personal data for the related purposes

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