Midac, which has always been sensitive to a high quality and eco-friendly management of battery life, is among the founders of the ECOPOWER division, born out of the national Consortium ECOPED, not an ordinary waste trader, but a full-fledged system to qualify and monitor the production chain, whose ultimate goal is to recall exhaust lead batteries and to produce recycled lead to deliver to Partners who manufacture new batteries from waste. Boiled down, energy is reaped out of exhaust batteries to build new ones.

ECOPOWER does not pursue profit in going about its endeavor, but rather to make the most of waste recycling, viewed here as an asset. This is the reason the batteries are recalled in favorable market conditions (as are present ones) and with disadvantageous lead prices at the stock exchange of London (LME): the recall service is nonetheless guaranteed.

Consortium ECOPOWER has been running its business nationally since 2012, in cooperation with the best Italian foundries. Management at ECOPOWER is based on industrial and entrepreneurial logic, with only the best accredited and authorized suppliers searched and selected, optimization of logistics and cost containment, in order to make available to Partners and their Customers a service for the collection and recycling of the exhaust lead accumulators that is safe, reliable and competitive.


Consortium ECOPED and its Member Manufacturers of Lead Accumulators have completed bureaucratic procedures to found and launch the business of ECOPOWER, with the goal in mind to channel the service for the collection and recycling of Exhaust Lead Batteries into a single entity.

The Consortium was founded in January 2006 as a no-profit organization, out of the will of a conspicuous group of qualified manufacturers attentive to environmental values, always pro-active and precise in complying with the new legislation. ECOPED currently counts 400 manufacturers among its members, market leaders in the following industries:
- Small Electrical Household Appliances (roughly 80% of the market share)
- Sports and leisure equipment (roughly 70% of the market share)
- Hobbling equipment (roughly 20% of the market share)
- Portable batteries (roughly 25% of the market share)
- Lead starter and industrial batteries (roughly 20% of the market share)

Some of the chief members of ECOPED are Ariete, De Longhi, Girmi-Bialetti, Tefal-Moulinex-Krups, Polti, Termozeta, Vorwerk , Atala, Carnielli, Technogym, Energizer, Midac and many more.
Since 2009, pursuant to the ratification of LEG. DECREE 188/08, Consortium ECOPED created the ECOPOWER division, whose chief task is to organize and finance the cycle for the management of Accumulators that have died out, within the Consortium ECOPED.
Since January 2012, by will of Consortium ECOPED and of a number of important manufacturers of starter, industrial and stationary batteries, the ECOPOWER division has by all means become a full-fledged CONSORTIUM. Consortium ECOPOWER (a founding Member of which is Consortium ECOPED) is entirely dedicated to the development of the service for the management of Lead Accumulators that have died out, and guarantees total safety in providing the service according to law.