Making health service available to everyone is a prerogative the recent CUAMM maternity ward in Tosamaganga, Tanzania, successfully provides. The project was carried out with the help of MIDAC. Because our energy comes from the heart..

Since 2012, those benefiting directly from this project are the mothers making use of the maternal health services at the Tosamaganga hospital and the 9,500 peripheral health units in the Districts of Iringa Rural. The communities within the hospital's catchment area benefit indirectly, particularly for maternal and child health protection services: about 52,730 mothers and 10,474 children less than one year of age.



MIDAC, “Serie A” batteries with Chievo Verona.

Passion and commitment, these are the keys to the partnership that started with the 2010/2011 season between the company from Soave and the Verona team, star of the major Italian football league for years. The strength of the small but determined Chievo team against big teams such as Juventus, Inter and Milan - to name a few - can be compared to the challenge MIDAC faces every day with its global competitors.