2V cells from 119Ah to 525Ah.


  • Long life under cycling use
  • Up to 1500 deep discharge cycles
  • Extended topping-up intervals
  • Maximum charging efficiency
  • Minimal positive growth
  • Improved safety against accidental contacts


  • Positive plates: Tubular plate with lead selenium grid alloy (Sb < 2%) and woven gauntlet
  • Negative plates: Flat pasted plate with lead selenium grid alloy (Sb < 2%)
  • Separators: Polyethylene separator sleeve on positive plate
  • Container: White translucid Polypropylene
  • Lid: Opaque dark-gray Polypropylene
  • Electrolyte: Dilute solution of sulphuric acid SG 1.260 ± 0.01 at 25°C
  • Electrolyte reserve : Maximum availability over the plates
  • Terminal Posts: d24 with M10 threaded insert
  • Posts sealing: Sealing bush on HQ post finishing
  • Vents: Flame arrestor ceramic vents fully tested in compliance with UL standard (option: Flip-top version)
  • Plates suspension : Bottom supported with sediment space
  • Inter-cell connectors : Fully insulated copper
  • Terminal hardware: Fully insulated steel

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