Tue 11 Apr 2017

Midac launches E-MOTION kit and battery


After the presentation at Automechanika in Frankfurt last September 2016 and consequent stage of product development, MIDAC officially launches E-MOTION KIT and BATTERY!

E-MOTION is the Midac technology that thanks to a built-in sensor and a dedicated app allows you to verify in real time:

  • - state of battery charge
  • - remaining battery life
  • - alternator operation

E-MOTION is available in the Universal KIT version (easily applicable to all types of batteries excluding, for now, Start & Stop batteries) and Battery with Integrated Chip.

Midac is indeed developing an E-MOTION KIT for vehicles equipped with Start & Stop batteries, to provide a complete solution to the current fleet. This solution will be available soon.


With the E-MOTION Technology:download the APP on your Smartphone and connect the battery of your car to check the state of charge, the remaining useful life and the proper operation of the alternator. Furthermore, the app reports alerts in case of anomalies, and features a dedicated section to set your deadlines. Check out which E-MOTION Battery is compatible with your vehicle.

You can control multiple E-MOTION devices with a single smartphone or use more smartphones to control a single E-MOTION device.  This allows you to manage freely your vehicle fleet and control various types of vehicles (cars, trucks, campers, buses), excluding start-stop technology.

Create your personal profile in the Midac Cloud using the APP.Battery data, statistics and reminders are filled in the Cloud and are updated every time you launch the APP. You can access your data for reference from any smartphone.

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Midac launches E-MOTION kit and battery