Tue 23 Apr 2013

Midac SpA among the ELITE companies


ELITE is celebrating its first anniversary by surpassing the historic milestone of 100 companies selected to take part in the Italian Stock Market project for SMEs. Midac SpA is one of the 37 companies joining the program at the start of 2013, to the great satisfaction of the company management. ELITE began a year ago to support the growth of unlisted Italian SMEs, helping them structure themselves to become more attractive to investors and thus be able to access the capital market. 

The new 37 members of ELITE are different sizes, belong to different industries and are from different geographical areas but are united in their strong growth orientation. The companies that were admitted are from different industries including fashion, chemistry, industrial engineering, telecommunications, food and drink, automotive and parts, ICT and logistics and are distributed geographically as follows: 13 in Lombardy, 8 in Veneto, 5 in Tuscany, 4 in Campania, 4 in Emilia Romagna, 1 in Lazio, 1 in Basilicata and 1 in Umbria. To learn more about the program, click on the link to go to the Italian Stock Market website.

Source: Borsa Italiana


Midac SpA among the ELITE companies